Little Carré.
A little square with a big heart

Little Carré mixes the best of French and American cultures. Our designs travel from New York City, the capital of fashion, to Paris, the capital of love, all things chic, and of course baguettes! Our fabrics come exclusively from France and England, and our “ponchos-blankets” are assembled in a local Parisian factory based in the 20th arrondissement of Paris.

« Children are our inspiration »

We love them, we want the best for them, that’s why we created Little Carré. Only the finest materials of the highest quality are used to create our poncho-blankets. Each poncho-blanket is individually hand made in France, with care and love.

The Founders

Estelle Girard Parks

Estelle was born in France and moved to New York City in 2015. Two years after marrying the love of her life, Justin, she gave birth to their first daughter, Olivia, who became the inspiration to design the Little Carré poncho-blankets.
The idea was born when Estelle realized how fast Olivia was growing, and that she could barely keep up with new outfits and the clothes that quickly became too small, piling up in the apartment. This inspired Estelle to design a baby clothing piece that could last longer and have a dual use, as either a poncho, or a blanket. Voila! Little Carré was born!

Franck Carry

Franck, working as a fashion designer based in Paris, joined his cousin Estelle on her project of poncho-blankets. It has been a blast so far, Little Carré is so grateful to have him on board for this crazy adventure!
Franck thinks ahead of his time and has an extreme sensibility for finding the perfect fabrics for our little customers.


Our products are 100% manufactured in France and benefit from a French expertise.

30-Day Returns

You may send it back to us for an exchange or a refund ONLY in the United States.

100% secured payment

We accept all major credit cards and payment types, while ensuring your data is safely transmitted.